Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Is your System Prone to Attack?

Cyber-attacks have been ranked as the fifth most dangerous risk in 2020. This industry is anticipated to develop even more in 2022, with IoT cyber assaults alone expected to double by 2025.

Cyber-attacks are growing frequently for all firms, especially small and medium-sized businesses. The Ponemon Institute’s State of Cybersecurity Report claimed that small and medium-sized businesses all over the world have had recent cyber-attacks. In the last 12 months, almost 66 percent of respondents have been exposed to a cyber-attack.

Don’t disregard cyber-attacks; they can have far-reaching consequences for your company. It can result in financial losses, lost productivity, reputational damage, legal liabilities, and business continuity issues. VAPT can protect your data and business from offenders’ attacks by revealing loopholes and providing remedies to fix them.

The Two Components of VAPT

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing may appear to be a fresh concept, but it’s really just a blend of two very crucial security activities. VAPT simply combines Vulnerability Assessment with Penetration Testing.

What is Vulnerability Assesment & Penetration Testing?

VAPT Services

Why do you need VAPT Services?


VAPT creates more secure apps, boosting data security and preserving your intellectual property. It will protect all of your data from hackers, giving you comprehensive network security.

Manage All
the Risks

The primary advantage of commissioning penetration testing in a company is that it provides them with a baseline from which to work in order to handle or manage risk optimally.

Saves the

VAPT safeguards your firm from data loss and illegal access, preventing any security breaches. Every client's first priority is security; the more secure a firm is, the better.

Improve Business Continuity

An insecure system or network leads to a loss of business continuity. Vulnerabilities, in most circumstances, exploit and cause a DOS situation, which usually comprom-ises server availability. Penetration testing must be carefully coordinated and plann-ed in order to be effective and damage-free.

Avoids Financial Loss

Similar to information loss, there is a direct risk of fraud or revenue loss as a result of untrustworthy corporate systems and processes.

Protects Everyone Involved.

When a security breach happens, it affects not only the targeted firm but also its linked customers, partners, and third parties. VAPT services can be used to safeguard all of them against such compromises.

VAPT services

Choosing Simplelogix for VAPT services

Now that you’ve learned about VAPT, it is time to put your organization’s security in the correct hands. 

Your VAPT Service Provider must be knowledgeable and experienced in identifying problems and providing solutions. Simplelogix provides you with the essential skills and experience. Each application requires a unique security system, which is why we offer VAPT services that are specifically tailored to the technology of your application.

A skilled VAPT team

We understand that there can be no sacrifices in security, which is why we have together a qualified VAPT team to ensure that your firm receives the security solution it requires.

After-Test Care

Because security is constantly evolving, a security system that stopped an assault before may not be as effective now. Hackers' methods are constantly evolving. This frequently leads to the discovery of new flaws and gaps in a security system, which is why Simplelogix does not abandon its customers after supplying them with a security system. We also provide after-test maintenance and continue to improve your security system over time.

We are a globally recognized company

Simplelogix is a well-known company that will help you achieve your security objectives. We examine your individual needs and try to improve your security solution.


Feel free to contact our staff and we will lead you through the steps. We consider it our responsibility to protect your company and give you the finest solutions possible. Contact us right away and get your questions answered!


How does it work?

Let us take you through our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Procedure:

Obtaining the client's specifications

We develop goals and objectives by working with clients
to understand their needs and what they want
from us, and then we devise a plan to meet
their demands.

Create Test Cases

The goal here is to identify loopholes in existing defenses or poorly designed systems so that they can be addressed before a security problem occurs.

Obtaining and retaining access

Penetration testers seek to get access to the application in order to determine whether or not they can get in. Once within the system, the tester determines how long they can go undetected and how much harm they can cause.

Overcoming Potential Hazards

We examine the infrastructure for flaws and devise strategies to mitigate potential risks.


VAPT testing results are examined and reported. We organize the data into reports that can be evaluated.

Allow us to offer you our top-notch security services.

It is preferable to protect your organization from threats than to treat it after the damage has been done. Allow professionals to manage your security system so you can focus on what you do best and feel less stressed. Simplelogix offers the greatest services and never fails to impress its customers. Contact us to find out for yourself. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to help you in any way you require.