What is an on-demand delivery platform?

On-demand delivery software acts as a go-between for a consumer and a company. In the same way that Uber does for taxis or Airbnb does for hotels.

Users may order any type of service through an on-demand platform, which aims to deliver it in minutes. The app uses innovative technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and GPS monitoring to complete deliveries in a short amount of time and deliver goods to consumers right at their doorsteps.

Applying latest

Our enthusiasm for technology has allowed us to provide sophisticated solutions to prestigious clients.

Profound on-demand expertise

We've gained valuable insights and expanded our experience in the field of on-demand delivery app creation over the years.

Highly Scalable Solution

With the growing number of orders, distribution agents, and vendors, our on-demand delivery solution auto-scales.

Versatile company

Simplelogix is a highly versatile on-demand delivery platform that can be used by a wide range of delivery companies in various industries.

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Align Costs with Strategy & Focus on Growth

Our on-demand delivery apps for every business:

Simplelogix is a white-label food delivery solution with advanced features that allows everyone to start or grow their on-demand food delivery business.

Features of On-demand delivery platforms:

  • Full detailed information.
  • Maps and real-time tracking.
  • Specific delivery pick-up and destination entry.
  • Attracting and keeping drivers.
  • Ease of user registration.
  • Secure payment options.
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