Hinda Incentives partnered with Simplelogix rolls out new responsive website for PSCU

PSCU is the largest credit union service organization in the US. With 700+ credit unions and financial institutions enrolled in the redemption/rewards program, PSCU had vast technical aspirations for brand improvement ultimately governed by their redemptions website and app. In 2015, PSCU partnered with Hinda Incentives, a Chicago based services and solutions provider along with Montrose and Affinity solutions decided to roll out a cutting edge, fully responsive website that would leverage state of the art, accessibility-friendly design and seamless performance. Simplelogix worked with Hinda Incentives and PSCU as their primary service provider for design, development, testing and deployment phases.

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Entering into a Partnership

Hinda Incentives partnered with Simplelogix for its deep understanding of the Fin-tech world’s IT related challenges. Simplelogix worked with Hinda to determine design, technical and functional requirements and identified key areas of improvement. Simplelogix Team was involved from the inception of the project till late 2018 providing support for various feature enhancements and optimizations.

Design Phase: W3/Accessibility Standards Key to Success

PSCU wanted to create a site that was fluid, accessibility-rich and fast. Their existing website posed performance challenges and an outdated design that needed to be addressed and fixed. After deliberation, PSCU decided to consult Simplelogix for initial design POC. That POC was then analyzed and approved by PSCU partners Hinda Incentives, Montrose Travel Solutions and Affinity solutions. Once that design was finalized, Simplelogix team started to create responsive, SEO-forward front end pages which would serve as the base for all the functionality in the upcoming phases.

Development & Testing Phase: Optimizing Performance & Retaining Existing Functionality

PSCU’s existing website needed a necessary performance upgrade. Simplelogix worked with PSCU and other Partners to identify bottlenecks, called out design and code constraints by sifting through unused code and eliminating redundancies. Development Phase also encompassed a massive overhaul of the existing SSO system. Simplelogix created the new SSO process for clients belonging to 700+ credit unions enabling them to switch between partner redemption sites without having to log in again. This was crucial to maintain and improve customer retention. There were multiple testing environments where design and functionality was testing before heading over to UAT where Hinda and all their partners tested the site. Project Managements was carried out even more efficiently when Simplelogix introduced Atlassian Jira along with Agile Boards. Simplelogix team helped Hinda team improve overall project visibility to all key stakeholders.

Management takes Control with the Admin Portal

Simplelogix worked with Hinda to create a new, API based Admin Portal which had ability for stakeholders to control, tweak and manage over 700 FIs that PSCU had enrolled. This Admin Portal was Hinda’s in-house product created in support from Simplelogix. The Portal has Live-binding; no refresh architecture which informs management about User enrollment, Marketing updates, Website Branding and more. The Admin Portal is independent and is administered by the same SSO concepts that the CURewards site uses. Simplelogix created the initial design mockups and got them assessed by Hinda Management. Then, along with help from Hinda’s in house technical team, successfully rolled out the first phase of the Admin tool.

Simplelogix Expertise at a Glance:

With over 13 years of Software Development, Change Management and IT Infrastructure services, Simplelogix played a vital role in rolling out successful, on time delivery for Hinda and in turn for PSCU. Hinda management repeatedly appraised Simplelogix team performance as one of the best Vendors they worked with. With keen understanding of Agile Software Development practices and resources that worked in native Timezone (Central Time, Chicago), Simplelogix excelled in communication. According to Brian Korn, Director of Software Services at Hinda Incentives “Simplelogix resources helped Hinda achieve its IT goals efficiently and made our lives easy”.


Hinda Incentives has been in business for over 40 years and their reward programs and logistical prowess has generated a hugely loyal client base. Hinda’s products and services are marketed through a network of independent reward and recognition professionals. PSCU, Hinda’s no.1 client is the largest credit union service in the US with over 700 credit unions and FIs enrolled with them.


  • SQL Server 2016, Microsoft .NET, C#
  • HTML, AngularJS, CSS, JQuery
  • Visual Studio 2015

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