5 Common Web Design Mistakes

A unique and compelling website isn’t an option anymore. Having a poor site causes businesses to lose customers, and that is money out the door. Unfortunately, this occurs with an alarming frequency. Many small business owners design their own websites to save money and have more control over the project. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t truly understand the concepts of good web design, leading to a website that’s less than ideal.

5 Common Web Design Mistakes That Web Developers And Designers Make When They Give Ingenuity Priority Over Usefulness.

  • Incoherent Interface Design

Unarguably, it the interface design of a website that drives visitors to it. In fact, how consistent the interface design of a website is what makes it a success or failure. It is often noticed that many designers create different designs for every web page in a website. This incoherence annoys the visitors compelling them not to revisit the page again. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure consistency in the overall look and feel of the website so that your users can relate to it.

  • Too many images

Too many images on a website make it look rather uninteresting. Though images are important on a website, the overly use of images may distract and eventually turn off the visitors. In addition, users do not usually appreciate much usage of heavy images on a web page as it increases the loading time of the website. Remember, images are a medium to illustrate various services, features and products. Therefore, it is sensible to use images only to offer apt guidance and information to the users or online visitors.

  • Using Poorly Crafted Website Content

Writing for the web can be tricky. You want to provide enough content to help your website visitors find answers to their questions, but not so much that they are overwhelmed with information.

  • Ads in all the wrong places

Advertising is a necessary evil in the web design world – especially on blogs, where it is regarded as one of the main income streams. However, too many ads or noisy and flashy ads will frustrate your visitors and make you lose business. Analyze your ads like a hawk; if they annoy you even in the slightest, they’ll undoubtedly do the same to your visitors. Pay extra attention to pop-ups. While they’re generally making a comeback, make sure they’re easy to close and not full-screen size.

  • Lack of Contact Info

Strangely, a lack of contact information is another common mistake. The moment visitors decide to make a purchase or use your services is crucial. It’s imperative they have the necessary contact information the second they decide you’re the right company for them. If a visitor has to search through your site for contact info, he or she will likely get frustrated and leave. Your “Contact Us” page should always be just one click away, or your information should be at the bottom of every page.



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