School Management

Simplelogix School Management Software facilitates effective, transparent and inclusive administration for running a smooth business without hassles.

School administration software – at a glance

There are numerous functions involved in managing a successful school business. Ranging from teacher to student, information system to examination, and library to facilities management. Our complete end-to-end solution enables effective school management housing with all the necessary features under one module.

School administration software

Teacher, student and staff information system

Our secure and upgradable information system allows dynamic warehousing of teacher, student and staff information so you can say goodbye to notebooks and registers once and for all.

Teacher, student and staff information system

Student enrollment & attendance management

No more monotonous paperwork needed when you can efficiently manage student enrollments for new and existing sessions. With intelligent attendance management system, make sure staff and student regularity is monitored.

Attendance Management

Examination, results & announcements portal

Create, update and manage examination schedules, announce results and communicate important updates with Simplelogix’s school management software. No need to print out memos with limited visibility anymore.

Announcement Portal

Facilities Management

Running a successful school business requires facilities that run without fault. Try our facilities management module to simplify operations, log and track maintenance to ensure the school business achieves its fullest potential.

Facilities Management