What is next in Human Resource Technologies?

What is next in Human Resource Technologies?

A human resource professional’s job is anything but easy. From the start of the hiring processes, sifting through and viewing thousands of new resumes daily, to the constant voice mail messages, follow ups and the pressures of internal manager demands, getting ahead of your work load can be a near impossible task. With numerous advances in recruiting tools and human capital management technology, the explosion of new platforms for attracting and engaging with candidates and the competition for top talent, recruiters continue to feel the pain in balancing these processes.

Companies are looking for recruiting software that allows them to construct and store unlimited numbers of applications, both internally and externally with easy accessibility. Once applications are created, the workflow will simplify approval processes with pre-defined routing lists and customizable-approval procedures, enabling the recruiting process to move rapidly and efficiently.

Streamlining the processes of applicant tracking, job postings, pre-screening, and assessments – which are all time-consuming tasks – by implementing workflow automation and proactive reporting and analytics tools, will help in these processes becoming more efficient.

Integration with existing systems is a critical component when selecting any new software system.

Integration is a vital component when selecting any talent acquisition system and is often times overlooked. You want to account for long-term implications when choosing a new software vendor in the implementation to your existing HR system. Other things to consider is that the recruiting management software should be user friendly and pleasing to the eye. You will want the ability to identify, develop and promote high performing talent from within your organization. Recruiting software is an especially valuable tool when companies are going through an organizational change as well.

The ability to analyze staffing profiles, search high performing employees in creating a new job structure with greater productivity, employee engagement and development play key roles in streamlining the business’s entire workflow. By integrating this functionality with other software applications, you are able to create a unified armory in simplifying human capital management software in alignment in driving true operational success.

The ability to provide more personalized services

By having the ability to pull data from various aspects of an employee’s file, the system will search mass amounts of data in seconds, helping HR staff to recommend the most beneficial options in mitigating risks in their care plans and/or in setting career advancement goals.

Conceivable savings from automation

Breaking jobs into individual activities and by analyzing how suitable each is to automation, we can project the number of labor hours an agency could save by investing in AI-based technologies. As information technology costs continue to fall, and cognitive technologies are developing rapidly, high-end scenarios can be well within any size organization’s reach.

The convenience of self-service

Implementing self-service features with a mobile app, allows employees to enter information and then push that information through the organization’s workflow process, instead of having to wait to get to the office to submit questions, required forms or benefits renewals. This process is convenient for both employee and HR in half the time that it would normally take to handle it manually.

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