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Realize the true potential of a cloud-based, end to end ERP System

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Welcome to Simplelogix
Your one-stop user and budget friendly way to run a business!

Opt-in and Opt-out fully customizable modules provide you a tailor-made system with industry leading ease-of-access of user interfaces, making life simple for everyone involved.


Our cloud-based HCM Software empowers you to take full control of onboarding, record and payroll management. Drive the motivational process and retain employees through simple, intuitive appraisal forms.

Simplify the ever increasingly complicated processes involved in running an educational organization by integrating our School Management module and personalize it with ease.

Simplelogix Supply Chain Management Module empowers you to track inventory and maintain your business like a well-oiled machine.
Satisfied Customers = Happy Business Owners – It’s a win-win situation!

Managing Business Processes on the Go – Made Simple

All modern-day businesses have a digital presence. Realize the true potential of your enterprise by managing it On the Go with Simplelogix mobile.

Payroll Management

Take control of your payroll. Cut expenses with real-time reports and maximize profits using our preemptive, analytical insights based on your business profile.

HR Management

Review employee performance while keeping up-to-date with new recruitment and on-boarding. Utilize our mobile-ready schedule management process for maximum efficiency.

Brand Management

Improve your brand's presence in the fast-moving era of social media by utilizing fluid brand management mobile to keep you in sync with your brand 24/7.

Supply Chain Management

With Simplelogix, create simple, reusable templates for invoices of materials, inventory levels, orders and sales. Avoid overstocks and outages by getting rid of conventional spreadsheets.

Vendor Management

Working with multiple vendors involves various moving parts. Stay on top of staffing requirements, vendor deliverables, profiles, and billing so your business can breathe Success!

Business Intelligence

Need more out of your business without spending extra money? Try our Business Intelligence module with graphical dashboards and intuitive reports. Make better informed decisions today!

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